Friday, March 30, 2007

千三百五十九: The Number 23

I watched The Number 23.

It was quite creepy, but not as scary as I had thought it would be. Some scenes was censored in the show I am sure, there was a weird scene that didn’t make sense until the end when I understood, but overall it was quite gd the story. The Theory of the number was interesting, but it’s just like saying any number can become a 9? so after that you start noticing all numbers in the show and how they can become a 23. quite irritating, especially for someone who enjoys puzzles and likes to do such things but not while watching a movie!

but the scenes of the murders were quite disturbing. ok i m pretty much a wuss when watching gore and blood. and murders. since my imagination always runs wild.

then i fell asleep at about 12, while waiting for my hair to dry and i was bellydown on my bed while waiting (cannot lie back with my hair all wet and will cause very bad and dry hairends) so I fell asleep with my laptop in front of me cos I was exhausted from the late nites of the past 2 days. zzz. and woke up at 2.30am to see a msg from someone telling me to go sleep. oops.. haha. i was Asleep!! and my hair had almost dried by then so i just switched off the pC and went to bed. couldnt really wake up this morning but it was better than the past 2 days. abit late this morning, so I took the bus and had a long nap until work. so I am probably alot more awake today.

yay received my pay yesterday! but have to pay so many bills. at least I think I saved about 50% per month so far.


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