Saturday, March 31, 2007

千三百六十: Clubs and Curfews

i went clubbing last nite.

it was a on the spur decision. and I am very glad I brought the short short black skirt just in case even though I had no programs in the morning. I was just supposed to meet a fren at st james for a drink but it turned out the my cousin felt tired and wanted to leave early and another fren went to MOS instead. so we were at St James for a while, it was quite fun actually until we realised no more people were joining us. So I decided to head down MOS which was a very good decision. I got to know a few other guys who were all my cousin's colleagues while my cousin wasn't around, and it was just all people of my age group around me again which felt great. it felt great to be part of the big crowd dancing or just bobbing along in the Smoove room while there are guys you know hovering around u so u dun have to be afraid of strange guys. i realised how much I missed that half-giddy feeling after a few drinks (i am a weak drinker), where u just get bold enuff to lose ur inhibitions and just do what you feel like, not caring if anyone is looking at you or not. Also missed that feeling of dancing close to a good looking guy, standing so close cos there isn't much space but yet with just that bit of space in btw u 2 still so that you are not just liplocking. haha.

at about 3.30am, we went to MS Bak Kut Teh area for supper, a whole big group of about 8 people. i think it was the alcohol, but the conversation thoughout sounded very funny. by the time we finished it was about 4.30 or 5am.

i hate it that my mom chooses to ignore the fact that I am almost 25 and insists upon doing stupid things when I say I am coming home late. She insists that I should come home by 2am ?????? wtf, clubbing fun only starts then and I noe I can nv do that so its either say okok to appease her or just ignore all phone calls after that time. She decides to wait up and send idiotic msgs like "I am going to die, you can't even answer the phone???" and of cos will blame me for her lack of sleep the next day. yes, I agree that I've been home late abit more these days since I got to know this group of friends, BUT I've missed having a social life so much ever since i came back from Japan. i hv no bf here to jio out on a whim, I can only rely on other people being free than remembering me, and most still are in the midst of their studies. Yes I have been perhaps going out a bit too late on wkdays, but its my choice and I still responsibly get to work the next day, not even taking MC or wat. what the heck am I supposed to do? I enjoy these night activities with the right group, i haven't enjoyed myself so much since uni clubbing days, and I know what my limits are. so please, just give me a break from the dumb curfew thing when I am not a kid anymore!!

Anyway, I headed to the dentist this morning and now my rubber bands are green! then was supposed to go Sentosa this afternoon but it was cancelled and I decided to go for Japanese lessons instead. our sensei is pregnant!! and her story was very eerie. apparently she can see ghosts. One week b4 she found out she was pregnant, she suddenly woke up in the nite at 3am. she saw a man jumping into her tummy area. we were very confused for a while until we realised she meant really literally she saw that man jumping into her tummy and it wasnt human. OMG!!! we were all so freaked out in class. and then the next week after that incident, she found out she was pregnant. she said the man looked like he was in his 20s. It wasn't a dream she said but it is definitely super creepy!! now, who wants to bet that the sex of her baby is male?

ok its time to sleep i think. can barely open my eyes le.


Blogger Edwin said...

so i guess she believes in reincarnation or some sort... like in HK serial dramas sometimes got this sort of shows...

8:59 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

probably. she was scared but i guess its hard to just abort the baby just cos of that reason??

11:08 am GMT+8  

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