Friday, April 06, 2007

千三百六十六: Good Friday

it was lucky i finished my work late on Thursday so that i didnt hv to work late on Friday as well. the gross guy asked me if i was ordering dinner on friday but i was finishing up so that i could have dinner with my family and i said no.. i'm going off soon and he sounded shocked. well, who told him to complain he was hima (free) the whole day and then realise got alot of things to do at the end of the day? kekeke. i had finished all those things i had planned and pretty happy with my progress. did alot more tests than everyone and yet got the speed. hoho.

so i left at bout 6.30pm, went to collect my newly approved citibank card at vivocity and signed up for their biometric service. but all the time i'm thinking i dun really wan to touch that fingerprint thing to pay, cos i dunno wat the person b4 me who uses it has touched or whether he/she has washed his/her hands. ack. i would rather sign la. but just signed up in case i really needed to use it. got a free brew at coffee bean voucher for the signup.

Went Jurong East for dinner with my family, 久しぶりで the whole family came. had curry fish head (yay!) which was pretty good, and after that I went to Optical 88 just opposite the coffee shop and they were having some Good Friday sale. 60% off some frames, tried on an awful lot of frames before I found finally a pair that suited me. my sisters were there to give their comments, haha, and they were shaking their head an awful lot. I guess I just am not really suitable for most colours of frames and most shapes. argh. it was really a pain. but finally found a pair that actually quite suited me, although it was purple. haha. i made glass lenses, which was sooo much cheaper and thinner than plastic. & i found out after the eye check that my eyes were about 625 degrees each and my present glasses were about 50 degrees too high thats y i was having headaches from using my PC. when seeing near stuff, the high degree was making the things i see too sharp and tired my eyes out even more than wearing contacts. but i'm so happy to know that i'm not over 700 degrees as i had always tot i was! hoho.. looking forward to collecting my specs next week :)


Blogger Edwin said...

I wonder whats the shape and frame thickness of the specs that u bought?

8:32 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

when i get it then i post a picture. can't really describe it.. hmm

11:02 am GMT+8  

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