Thursday, April 05, 2007

千三百六十五: またOT

its the time of the month again. The month where we eat dinner at work everyday, work till almost midnight everyday and go to work next day super groggy.

Time for UAT!!!


just reached home. I don't think I wan to OT til super late tomorrow, and its always a race for time. If we don't do the tests by today, the US/Europe side can't solve the bugs when they are awake, and we lose a day. we are always at the losing end cos they start their week later than us yet we depend on them for our test cases and our bug solving.

today was like the day of figuring out how to use the system. They decided to use a new bug logging program, which sux, and we had to learn from scratch how to use it. It was a stupid program, no editing of previous results and we had to do everything from scratch for any failed tests that we were retesting. so today I realised that the fastest way of doing the tests was to ignore that program, type my comments in Word, then finally at one go log all the comments and create and link the bugs. Seriously, its using that thing that took up the bulk of our time today. but not bad, i was quite fast, managed to do like 13 tests in 6 hours. sounds really slow, but it includes doing tests of over 60 steps, doing screen shots for the bug people, and explaining wat went wrong. sighz.

& we found out today one of the girls who had also joined in January had quit. but she was in Japan side, I think it might be that she was dumped with too much admin work and too little IT work. She used to be a software engineer I think, but here, the only IT work she had done so far was tests, doing up a sharepoint website and alo t of excel and word and powerpoints. so.. that creep in my team gets to go on a bizness trip to tokyo to take over her job. sianz. but then what am I complaining about, i just want the trip but not her job. haha.

and that my team leader is like changing job scope so he won't be our leader anymore!! :( so weird la, every 3 months something big happens, no one to do OT with us liao. and we are stuck with that gross guy. argh. nvm we 3 girls shall stick together until he feels how irritating he is. The new lady in the team, who used to be based in Japan MS, is also very sick of his inability to pay attention and to ask dumb questions repeatedly. and she is quite experienced, so she dares to speak very sharply to him. hooray for her!!

work again tomorrow. at least its friday.


Blogger Edwin said...

so how the heck did they managed to recruit the "gross" guy??!!?

in any case, "he" should go to the armie first lah...

8:20 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

hmm the army would do him alot of good i think..

10:17 pm GMT+8  

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