Saturday, April 14, 2007

千三百七十二: エンジン

I finally got to watching Engine (starring Kimura Takuya of course) on one of the video engines. it seemed boring to me when I was in Japan (cos i didnt watch from the start i guess) but it turned out to be pretty funny. I decided to catch the episode on Channel U last nite, BUT!!! my living room tv had no red tone, so I decided to go to my parent's room to watch. You would have thought that at this age with the technology all normal televisions would have dual sound, but no, the bedroom TV doesn't have!!!! no choice, i came back out to the living room, cos the characters sound really weird & cutesy in mandarin after having watched them speak in japanese the whole evening on the PC. so.. on the tv, pressed the dual sound key on the remote control, and.. nothing happened. pressed again, nothing happened, my mom came out and said that remote control was spoilt. i was like !?!!? and i went to the tv to try the onset buttons, there was no way to set the dual sound on the tv itself!! argh!! sighz. resigned myself to watching the show in the bedroom while trying to read their lips. :s

Another 10 working days to pay day i think. finally.


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