Saturday, April 07, 2007

千三百六十七: Robinson's sale

had a very relaxing morning today, managed to wake up at 11am today and slowly eat my lunch b4 going for Japanese lessons. but i was still late, by about 5 min, so it means i got to set off about 1.5 hours b4 the lessons start. argh...

after lessons, went to meet my cousin at raffles city, thought he was ending his game at 6pm so at most i need to wait for an hour, in the end i called him at 7pm to check how come he hasnt arrived and he had only just ended his game!!! in the end walked around, saw that Nike stuff was like 15 + 15% off at Robinsons, where they were having some easter sale as well. bought myself a top and then after that went to precious Thots where they were having some sale on baby stuff as well. i'm visiting xh's baby tomorrow, so i bought a little something for the baby as well.

finally about 8 plus my cousin turned up, we went to eat dinner at Soup Spoon, and he had to tell me that was where the stabbing occurred and he was at raffles city the same day but at Starbucks. -.- the soup was quite a large bowl and we very economically shared a set meal. i had eaten kinder buenos while waiting for him and wasn't feeling very hungry liao. i should stock up on that and campbell soup (those packet kind and u can cook them in a cup) at the office. I saw a very cool denim bag at FCUK, but didn't have a price tag and since I was making so many purchases this month liao, had to curb my spending abit so i decided to just walk away. heartache, cos i really liked the bag. and I saw a pair of sneakers at Onitsuka Tiger shop at the basement too. $149. I wonder if they will have any sale soon. I had to walk away from that as well. next month maybe? but I still have to reinburse my parents for the Japan air ticket yet, so i should have actually about $1k less in my bank right now.

after that was supposed to visit my grandma at his place, but it was abit late, and he was deciding whether to go Wine Bar or not. luckily CJ messaged me, i could just make the decision to head back home to get my DS and pass to CJ for him to try. he lives super near to me, can actually walk to my place, so we met up at the rail mall and had a drink at one of the pubs there. he's very funny and i enjoy talking to him.

so thats all for this saturday. am going to try to watch good night and good luck tomorrow.


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