Monday, April 16, 2007

千三百七十五:Korean food for dinner

We had a team dinner at the Korean food restaurant, can't remember the very difficult korean name, but it was the place opposite Haw Par Villa. the food was pretty good, they had BBQ meat there, and it was opened by a real korean. the waiter was very funny though, he couldn't really understand the heavy Japanese-accented English of my colleagues and he brought over his manager who started rattling off in Korean to us. -.- we were stunned for a while, then giggling, we said we didn't speak Korean and the manager was kinda embarrassed. wahahaha!

i would have enjoyed the dinner alot more normally if I wasn't having quite bad cramps today and my tummy just was hurting and felt uncomfortably full towards the end of the dinner. but we had a very early dinner today and dinner ended at about 8pm. i had to take the bus back alone from a very dark bus stop and it was abit scary. cos there were construction workers behind me and opposite the road, i was feeling not so safe. the bus took so long to come that I was getting ready to run should anyone actually walk too near me and the bus journey on 176 took a whole hour. zzz

I wish SMRT would buck up their services. Increase more buses on these long routes like 963. they wanna plan all these super long routes, but they dun have enough buses to service them. everyone wants to get on the bus, but even b4 bukit batok, the bus is full. wats the point of serving so many housing estates when u dun have the capacity? the bus is overcrowded every single morning even by the time it reaches my bus stop. and on the way home, at 9pm, the buses are so infrequent but they are still fully packed to the door, especially at NUH at such time. it's really ridiculous.


Blogger Edwin said...

take ermmm... the train...

8:35 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

since when is there train at Haw Par Villa and at my house?

9:17 am GMT+8  
Blogger Edwin said...

find the nearest station loh, then take bus with much shorter route...

9:48 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

haha.. you check the area for the nearest MRT and u tell me if changing transport 3 times will take me an hour to get home as well.

10:10 am GMT+8  

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