Sunday, April 15, 2007

千三百七十四: New Spectacles

ok, here's my new spectacles from Optical 88 at Jurong East:

New Specs

work up at noon, did some work, helped my mom write cheques, then went to get the specs. trying to use more credit payment instead of debit to earn abit more interest, its of cos only $1 - $2 more per month but better than nothing lor. have been spending abit too much this month, my goal of 1.2k savings per month is kinda hard. I wanna hit 10k soon!!!

I was thinking that I want my own car, then I thought further, and realised that I don't need it. if I have a bf with a car can le. hoho.


Blogger Edwin said...

Hmmm the frame is moderately thick, kinda make u look a techie. Then again, these thick frames are quite chic these days, dunno why though, but i remember seeing people in streets and TV wear these kind one, though the color of the frame can differ. Kinda made the typical ger look cute and hip. Techie culture perhaps.

11:36 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Edwin said...

And about the car... dun u want to enjoy driving or be at the control wheel?

11:38 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

about the car, no, actually I prefer relaxing, reading, playing my PSP or DS or just sleeping while I get to my destination. Can make better use of my time.

The techie look.. hmm. it was the only discounted pair of frames that actually looked nice on me, so not much of a choice haha.

8:55 am GMT+8  

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