Sunday, April 22, 2007

千三百八十: 武士の一分

i finally watched the show!


as a samurai movie, it was not very good. but as a love story, it was pretty sweet. unfortunately, it also showed that kimura would not look good when he is balding. If he is balding. his hair is a major part of his good looks. :p the movie used samurai Japanese, and alot of it sounded really weird, but still understandable.

and i'm the first friend to sit in A's new car! hoho. feel so happy. just nice he got his car today, and he himself had suggested watching the movie tonight, so i got to ride in the car first.

after the movie, we went to TCC at Holland Village. its the first time I have ever stepped into a TCC in my whole life, the milkshake was pretty good. then we just lounged there and chatted about credit cards and getting a new tv and his life in general. but as we were both tired, we called it a day at about 1am and he sent me home.

its sunday liao. stupid weekends are just passing too quickly.


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