Thursday, April 19, 2007

千三百七十八: Lunch Affair

I was watching this episode of Do Not Disturb on Arts Central 10pm on Monday night and the episode was entitled Lunch affair. It was starring Andrea de Cruz & Adrian Pang.

As the title mentions, it was about them having an affair. Adrian Pang is a lawyer and Andrea is his legal assistant. both have been married for over 10 years and they were meeting up regularly in the nearby Frangipani Palace Hotel during lunch hour for hot sex.

Despite the immorality of the whole story, somehow, the whole episode seems to be very real. From Week 1, where the guy still felt guilty when he went home at night and saw the wife, the mentality 3 months later was "so what if she finds out?". From just pure sex and no feelings, they became like a couple a few months later, from the girl wanting more than just the lunch sex and wanted his weekends as well, and they were having lovers' quarrels, jealousy of their spouses etc. The cause of it all ? they talked too much pillow talk. They got to know each other too well, such that their life was part of his or her life as well. they became friends, not just lust and that was the reason for the downfall. Just because they have heard the other party's problems, they assume that it means that they are committing more emotions into this by sharing with each other their problems. It will almost always fail. Not knowing each other out of bed is the best way to avoid emotional commitment. Not knowing anything redundant, like the person's birthday, not doing stuff like going on dates, concentrating on the sex part is the only surefire way to stay afloat in such situations.

the ending i didn't quite like. 1 year later they were still sleeping with each other. Doesn't it just makes you worry if your own other half is doing such a thing at work??


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