Friday, April 20, 2007

千三百七十九: Quiet Friday

It's been a loooong time since I had a chance to go the library or had some time to go to the book store. I went to Vivocity to get some conditioner, took the NEL to Dhoby Ghaut and guess what, Guan and his gf came into the same carriage on the train from Outram. What are the chances!? I was sitting down, just stoning and I saw a familiar face sit down opposite me. I had nv seen the gf in real life b4, just frenster photos, and I was like .. hmmm. and I looked up to see Guan there and I saw him b4 he saw me hehe, so I waved and tried not to intrude by leaning my head back and just staring at the ceiling. hehe. I saw a diamond ring on the gf's left hand though, I think Guan has probably popped the question. another wedding soon maybe?? :) they got off at the next station, and I got off at somerset and walked all the way to the library at Takashimaya. hung around the library for a while, got my books, then went to kinokuniya and walked around enjoying the feeling of all the books and magazines around me. it's one of the few places I dun feel lonely even if I am there alone.

Do you think that all things happen for a reason? people's words to you are told to you for a reason, to prepare you for something that will happen soon to you so that you will have the knowledge and be ready when the event does happen. It sounds like something out of a novel, those fantasy novels, but it's true. On Tuesday, I had a rare chance to have lunch alone with Shinji, it just so happened that the rest of the people had lunch appointments. We dapao-ed lunch to the new pantry, and I was showing him the news about the shootings at Virginia Tech and he told me about Yamaguchi Gumi, the yakuza organisation in Fukuoka, and how they illegally smuggled arms into the country. and that evening, i was watching the news and there had been a fatal shooting in Nagasaki of the mayor, apparently the job of a yakuza from the Yamaguchi Gumi. a term you haven't heard before in your life you suddenly hear 2 times the same day. What a coincidence huh.

This morning. Due to my sister's insistence she wanted to go school later, my parents stayed around the house until I was about to leave and drove me to the main road. I was ready to take the bus (the late bus) but since it was just about the right time, they drove me until we were actually ahead of the bus that I had missed by 20 mins and I managed to reach work at 8am instead of 8.30am today. and when i reached work, i received a msg from Akane asking me to attend this morning's meeting in her place cos she couldn't find her keys and couldn't leave the house. I was thinking "wah, u're super lucky i came early today then, " cos for the past week i had reached work only at 8.36am. hmm. what a coincidence again. a bit freaky to have these 2 things happen in the same week.

I realise for the past few months, I have always been waiting for the end of the month to come. It's weird. in the beginning of the month, I would probably come into contact with some old friend and we would meet up or chat online, only to find out that the very next week after we come into contact that he was to go overseas for work for a few weeks and I would (very stupidly) make some appointment to meet up after he comes back. so usually, it would be month end when the friend comes back and the few weeks in between feels soooo long, that I have to be waiting for someone literally every month. argh.

I need communication, to have something solid I can read, and re-read when I am lonely, when i am bored, to keep myself sane. It might be ez to say I have matured and can handle loneliness better now than before, but loneliness can get pretty overwhelming sometimes.


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