Wednesday, May 02, 2007

千三百八十七: First Month

Okie, I visited XH & the baby again today, she has passed the first month mark! at least the baby was more active today, she was crying alot but i think I preferred it when she was sleeping alot. haha. We were supposed to go JP and walk around but the baby started crying & vomiting b4 XH set off so we decided to me dapao-ing food to her house instead. which was actually what I had thought of when I was on the way, as my eyes could hardly open. So i got KFC for her, and towed it all the way to her place from JP. I didn't know that 2 KFC meals added up to pretty considerable weight. or maybe i was just tired. but thanks for the treat though. :) had a good chat b4 her husband came home, was surprised to see her mother in law come to her place as well. oh well, at least we had some privacy to talk about quite alot of stuff b4 they came home.

today i was feeling quite cheerful at work until my boss said something totally irritating. It's another PH for Japan tomorrow actually, but she had already told us to be in the office this whole week cos of the tests, and then suddenly she realised that "ok, we seem to have completed much of the work, can you dun come tomorrow to the office so that i dun have to give u off-in-lieu"? WTH?! u made me give up my plans for the tests and now u tell me last min ok tomorrow u can dun need to come, what am I supposed to do tomorrow when i had planned for work? I want my off in lieu to use as and when i like! u wan me to dun work should have told me earlier, not just tell me 1 day ahead and I can't make any plans and will probably only just sleep the day away since everyone else in Singapore is working. grrr!!

mr Beng at the office smiled at me today. but i dunno where his wife was standing or was she nearby so i just managed a shy smile and walked quickly away. its dangerous..

so far the phone calls have been coming every afternoon just to ask what i'm up to. keep it up!!

ooh tomorrow is the company movie event for Spiderman at Vivocity. so excited! and very happy the disgusting guy is not going to sit with us. hohoho

ok time to zzz


Blogger Edwin said...

better to sleep than work rite?
read these too:



7:13 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

your point being ??

that's a rare case, i'm pretty slack so I dun think that applies to me. haha.

better to sleep when work ONLY when it doesnt take up ur off days.

10:58 pm GMT+8  

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