Saturday, April 28, 2007

千三百八十五: Wii & a new TV

We finally got a new TV for our house!! 32" Toshiba LCD TV and it was only $999. Courts was clearing their display sets so we got it at a very good bargain. we didn't really mind, as long as the TV can last for at least 3 years its a good buy liao.

then I collected the Wii for C yesterday, luckily received my pay yesterday so i could pay first. had no time until this evening to test it for him, and i played Wii sports with my sis and it was so fun!! we tested the bowling and the tennis and the baseball games and u really had to swing the wiimotes to play the game like the sport! the inventor is seriously a genius. :) I just saw that the official Nintendo service centre for USA is in Redmond, so when I go redmond in June, i'm going to get myself one too. wheee!!

today I went for dental appt, the dentist fixed a few more brackets onto the remaining teeth. now the back teeth are totally unusable, i dunno how i'm going to eat liao. chew with my front teeth like a cow maybe?? sighz. but at least nowadays I totally dun feel anything after the tightening sessions liao, maybe a little difficulty in chewing cos of the adjustments but not much pain. i am more afraid of the wire coming off like in my nightmare than causing pain to my teeth.

& i bumped into CK at dinner today. surprisingly he came all the way to Bukit Timah area to have dinner with his frens i think, its the first time i saw him in 11 years. 11 years liao, so fast, didn't think time passes so fast. but i didn't talk to him, was walking along the road just blankly watching the cars go by, then noticed one of the drivers smiling at me and i was like huh? until i stared abit closer then I realised that it was him! so weird. he looked exactly the same as 11 years ago though. haha..

ok i've just finished setting up the channels on the new tv, tested PS2 on it (working great!!) and watched abit of the late nite anime on channel U too. Very clear! hee. ok i better go sleep soon.


Blogger Edwin said...

what happened to the XBox360 and PS3??

8:50 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

wat do you mean by what happened?
I didn't have them, and i dun have any interest in them as well.. (PS3 /Xbox 360 i mean)

10:16 am GMT+8  

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