Thursday, May 03, 2007

千三百八十八: Spiderman 3!

my first movie this month and its free!


courtesy of the office again, at least this time they chose a blockbuster movie. so many people signed up for it that they had to buy tickets for 3 theatres in vivocity. yes, 3 theatres full of just our staff and their family members.

the show was pretty exciting, and Akane and me were screaming out at all the parts where things happen. haha. she and I are on the same wavelength, which is very good actually, cos i find her very funny. Shinji was on my left and he said he was startled by me rather than by the movie. -.- but the whole movie was full of shots following spidey jump and swing from building to building, and it felt abit like sitting in those 3d simulator rides in Universal Studios. which was great! effects pretty good, there were quite alot of humour and funny parts in the movie as well. Go watch !!

saw the trailers for Pirates as well as Ocean's 13. so many movies to watch this month!! and there's shrek 3 coming out somewhere soon.

ok good nite everyone!


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