Wednesday, May 09, 2007

千三百九十四: Under the Bandage

This is what my hand looks like after I took out the bandage.

a Gigantic Bruise

ok, I think the blue part is just from the ointment stain that was in the bandage overnight. hehe. in case you were shocked. But the swollen part in the middle with the puncture is where the acupuncture took place.

Today was pretty hectic at work. The system I was in charge of was just plagued with problems today, and I had to keep running back and forth to speak to my user and she didn't seem to hear what I said, and kept repeating the same questions. (><) argh!! and another guy, he just kept bugging me with the same questions for access requests. Read the emails!! Why do you keep asking me the same things when I've already answered your questions??

& I had forgotten how time-consuming meetings were. It was good to have meetings when I had alot of time & very little work on my hands, but this week I don't really have that luxury. We were forced to take a 2 hour lunch due to the rain and we were stuck at the food court, unable to go back since there was no shelter from the place to the office and time just flew by from then on. I had to prepare for my first meeting with someone from the European office today, it was a very big eye-opener. He was charismatic, very nice speaking voice, very forceful in a polite way, and it was quite unnerving that he kept smiling while looking into your eyes as he spoke. :s We have a meeting tomorrow morning again, so I better be prepared. My boss seemed to think I would know everything about the project, while I was just thrown in halfway and just floating on the buoys that WK passed to me. She herself hadn't attended a single meeting of this project, but obviously she knew more about the company & could just come up with questions on the spot. When the European guy asked us questions, she was looking at me for confirmation when she answered. (o.O) I can only hope my answers were not too far from the truth.

Tonight's wireless connection in my house is super cranky. I think it might be time to change either the router or my laptop soon.


Blogger Edwin said...

The pic reminds of a recent vampiric game, coz the bluish area looks deprived of blood flowing with puncture marks. I recalled there was a scene where a woman feeds on the vampire's wrist and becomes a ghoul...

2:25 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

hmm u play some very gruesome games..

10:10 pm GMT+8  

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