Sunday, May 06, 2007

千三百九十一: Ben & Jerry's

I went to scout Birkenstocks today with CJ.

After a few rounds of walking around the shop at Raffles City, I finally found a pair that suited me. but it was so ex!! $159. (><) the straps were suede I think, not the normal hard leather since my feet were too skinny to really look nice in the normal ones, and they were black with gold flecks. very very nice! but I must think 3x about the shoes cos the price is really abit too high for a pair of slippers as an impulse buy. argh. and I think i need to check out the exact model of the pair of Birkies that caught my eye to check whether it is actually worth it to buy online. the most similar pair I saw online was not very cheap, bout 64euros, which will end up costing about $130++ due to exchange rates, which means that to wait a month plus for these shoes might not be that worth it aniway. After walking around the stores, he finally got hungry and I managed to persuade him to eat waffles for lunch at Ben & Jerry's. hehe. it was goood! ok it was so good i already ate like 60% of it before I remembered to take pictures but here it is..
Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream on top of Belgian Waffle with fudge, whipped cream and sprinkles.. Yum!

After that, we walked to Robinsons and wanted to utilise my voucher for some cosmetic products but it was a little to expensive for my $100 voucher to be of much use. (><) I had nothing else to buy (I didn't buy anything actually) so we decided to head back and me to pass him some stuff from my computer. I got to see his room and it got me thinking that's it's a pretty high level of trust to have of someone to show them your house and your room. cos its really very personal space that you are showing that person. so I think i appreciate it alot that he trusts me enuff to show me his place (which is super near my primary sch, he can practically just climb over the back fences) :)


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