Tuesday, May 08, 2007

千三百九十三: Wrist Relapse

The lump in my wrist came back. It hurt, so I decided it was time I went back to the doctor's and that I had been putting off the visit for too long.

So after work, I rushed down to Kembangan with WK who actually lives in that vicinity, and since it was so near his place, he came into the doctor for his own wrist injury as well. The crowd was quite thin today, so I didn't have to wait long. But the treatment hurt like mad today. He poked 4 needles in at the same time for the acupuncture and after 20 min he took them out and there was blood from one of the punctures. (><) The doctor then did the Chinese massage thing on my hand before bandaging it up with some medicine rubbed on my wrist area.
bandaged wrist
all bandaged up..

So my right hand is again immobile for a day until tomorrow evening. Had some trouble in the shower just now, it just didn't feel very clean until you actually use your right hand to scrub your face, your hair etc.

How do those banks know when to call you to get you to apply for their cards? Suddenly I'm getting alot of calls lately, how do they know? I know the sales people are just trying to make a living, so I try not to reject them but when they push me to sign up for 2-3 cards for the same bank, I get very irritated. Why do I need like the Platinum Visa and Platinum Mastercard, on top of the Lady's card?? I won't bring more than 1 card out anyway, are they sponsoring me a new wallet so that I can fit all the cards? Their new sales gimmick should be to provide members with some branded wallet with ALOT of card compartments and to tell them they don't need cash anymore. (-.-)

ok J said he also wants to join me in my extended trip to Seattle for the San Francisco leg, so it will be great to be not flying alone there I guess. I can't wait for the date of the workshop to be released so that I can start planning.

Finally its Wednesday tomorrow. I am counting down to the next payday.

14 more working days!!


Blogger Edwin said...

i bet the lump was inflammation. jus guessing here though. Still, didnt u see a western doc?

8:26 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

ya i think i mentioned it was joint inflammation.

Nope, didn't see a western doc.

9:45 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Edwin said...

a western doc would probably prescribe Danzen (or a similar drug with different name). It contains anti-inflammatory enzymes... whatever that does.

10:17 pm GMT+8  

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