Monday, May 07, 2007

千三百九十二: One per month

Oh my, we seem to be running through them at the rate of one per month. I wonder what's up for me next month.

Cryptic you might say, but those who know will know what I mean.

Lost a friendship of 6 years (was it ever a friendship to begin with??) today or to be exact on Saturday when someone took offence at something I said that shouldn't even be taken offence of, it was just a normal question. But, being the ticking timebomb, as I was always wary of him for this reason, I accidentally set him off. His tone on the phone was pretty obvious, even though I didn't see any fault in my words still. But if he insists on being petty then its no loss to me as well. I called to make peace, but if that's the way he wants it, I don't really care either way. He wasn't here in my life for the past 6 years, it isn't hard to just erase out this blot again. At least I don't have to be perpetually alert of what I have to say around him, which is really not a friendship at all if I have to do that.

We met a new boss from Redmond today, she seems friendly, I like the way she speaks. I think she probably can remember my name today after all the jokes they crack with my name in it, and I think I am just going to try to work my way up. It isn't impossible for us, but not easy, but I guess you must climb the right ladders to do so.

Its been 4 months past since I began working here. How come it feels so short and long at the same time?


Blogger Edwin said...

thats coz u worked OT often and get to travel in the short term.

10:14 pm GMT+8  

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