Friday, May 11, 2007

千三百九十六: Boots

Today I decided to wear boots to work.

It was raining cats & dogs in the morning (thunderstorms at night and I love the sound of thunder while I sleep) & I made an impulse decision to wear boots to work since I had holes in the soles of my sneakers and I did not want to get my feet soaked in slippers or heels.

It felt abit weird, like I was overdressed, but heck it, at least I had dry feet and could walk around in puddles. hoho. & in the office some girls had that "wth is she wearing boots?" look on their faces but .. heck la. next time i'll wear the boots with a dress or skirt I think.

but towards the end of the day I could feel my toes starting to hurt a little. & I was pretty glad to be trudging home.

The bruise on my hand is almost gone! and I can hardly feel the lump in the wrist anymore! the pain was totally worth it! now I should go for a few more follow up sessions and then it might be healed ? hmmm


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