Tuesday, May 15, 2007

千三百九十九: Yoghurt Can Kill

If you do not wish to be afflicted by terrible diarrhoea and tummy pains, please do not ever eat plain yoghurt. It can cause so much pain in trying to clear out your bowels, probably the bacteria (that are supposed to be the same friendly bacteria in Yakult and Vitagen) and also trying to remove your intestines, your stomach and everything inside of you at the same time. I ate some for lunch and I am paying the price for it even until now. *groans...*

Yesterday morning was pretty eerie. I was changing for work and I heard a loud knock on my room door. BUT my family had gone out already and my sis was still in bed. I stopped and tried to listen out for another knock but I couldn't hear anything so I dressed hurriedly. I walked to the living room and I kept having the feeling that I was being watched which was very creepy. In bright daylight no less. hmm Ok it was kinda cloudy which added to the eerie atmosphere. So I went out of the house and shut the door thinking "shit, i hope my sis is ok alone with whatever's there" cos I haven't had the creeped out feeling in the house for a really long time. When I waited for the lift, as I watched the number on the display panel change, I felt a tap on my shoulder and I jumped, I was so startled. But I was alone! All the hair on my neck and arm was positively standing by then and the lift came and i just walked in and plonked myself against the elevator wall and started praying in my head "dun harm me pls!!!" and when the elevator finally reached ground floor I almost just ran out. It was too much excitement for the day.. I just hope it doesn't happen again.


Blogger Edwin said...

I guess thats one silly problem when living in high stories. Mine is different. I sometimes hear my balcony's gate shutting late in the night...

8:53 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

erh.. i only live on the 4th floor. Is that considered high?

10:08 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Lin said...

the stomach pain could be because u ate plain youghurt on an empty stomach?

11:52 am GMT+8  

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