Monday, May 14, 2007

千三百九十八: フランスブーム

I've just unwittingly come upon Audrey Tautou's blog, http://audrey-tautou.org/ and apparently the movie was part of the French Festival Voilah in Singapore. The movie is half a year late, it was shown in France in December 2006.

& finally!! Someone has answered my call to learn French with me at Alliance Francaise. It's not very cheap though, compared to Japanese, and we're still wondering which lesson we should take, weekday 4 hours a week or just Saturday for 3 hours a week. Based on the fees, the 4 hour course is definitely cheaper, ($10.50 per hour vs $10.125 per hour hahaha) but then we didnt factor in the cost of the text book. If I take the 4 hour lesson , I can just use my sister's textbooks I think, since they are the same, just buy the workbook or something. But, I might have OT and to commit 2 nights a week for lessons is abit tight. YH! we must discuss this again soon!

Yesterday I watched Be With You and the twist at the end was so romantic!! And the actress, Aki in Pride, has that kind of vulnerable face that makes her very very suitable for such roles. The other movie, Nobody Knows, had quite a disappointing ending. What happened to the mother??! nothing, no punishment? We would have felt better if she had been arrested or something, more drama to the show. In the actual event, she was actually sent to prison. The kids weren't living so well either. Bah! Kinda disappointing considering how much our sensei recommended it.

We celebrated Mother's Day at my grandma's place, there was so much good food and most of it finished for a change. My mum brought curry chicken and fried beehoon and another aunt cooked stuff like taiwan sausages and fried chicken wings. I couldn't leave the table even after I was full, everything smelled so good. I didn't know we had such an early dinner until we were the last to leave the house at 8.30pm?! we usually left at about 9++, 10 pm, and we had finished watching a movie on Channel 5 so it felt like much time had passed.

I think I don't want to move on le.


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