Monday, May 21, 2007

千四百零五: Ireland Souvenirs

信次 (Shinji) is back today! from his weeklong trip at the Europe MS Office in Ireland, he got each of us a little souvenir:

Coaster from Ireland
Can you guess what Ireland's famous for?

hehe, its pretty cute right? It's the same picture on the other side of it too, and its so cute and clean I can't bear to really use it as a coaster. Guess it'll just be standing on my desk until I bring it home.. & it's true, they drink mostly only Guinness Stout there. (><)

Today was a very bad day. Missed my bus (because it started raining when I was all ready to leave and had to spend time preparing myself for the rain), then the alternative bus was actually earlier than usual BUT took super long to reach the MRT station when it was supposed to take only 10 minutes and the shuttle bus from Queenstown. Usually it was fully packed, but today, the bus was quite empty and the bus uncle decided to wait!!! omg! would have been not too late but he decided to wait until like 8.30am to set off and that's like the time to start work lor! With the heavy morning traffic, he took 15 min to reach the technopark, then it was a five minute walk from the carpark to my block, & I was feeling really grumpy by the time I reached work.

The moment I opened my mailbox, I saw some angry emails about me not doing some work I was supposed to hv done and i was like, HUH??? and I had to sift through the piles of emails & found out I had missed out an email from last week. I mean, I don't purposely shirk from responsibility, if I nv do, it's probably cos I didn't know about it! should have just told me instead of sending me some angry email when the person was just next to me la! & then she had to CC the email to my boss too, I felt so pissed off. I just stayed quiet the whole morning, cos I was very tired from the neverending dreams disturbing my sleep the night b4, and I couldn't really focus on what I was doing. I don't know why there was so much things today, suddenly the MSE enquiries just kept coming and the MSL requests too. In the end, I had to stay at the office until 10pm. argh.

Now I'm still up because I'm waiting for my hair to dry.. zzz


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