Saturday, May 19, 2007

千四百零三: R.I.P.

Ipod Photo ipod photo

Bought: 26th April 2005
Died: 19th May 2007

You will always be remembered for the happy times you brought to me in a foreign land and for being so sturdy, never having broken down even after being dropped onto asphalt roads, concrete pavements and parquet floors.


My Ipod Photo left me today.. *howls in anger and sadness* It was a necessity for all the long bus journeys I have to make everyday to and from work, and it was a gift... but now, its over, died on me on my way to Japanese class today I think due to HDD failure. I went to the Apple Service Centre immediately after class and they told me the same thing and that to replace it for me would cos >$400 and it would be better for me to buy a new one. (T.T) I didn't know what to say to that and I just nodded sadly in resignation.

so I went to look at the Ipod section and there was some promotion 12% off all ipods until 31 May, so did some mental calculations and the 30GB Ipod Video was pretty ok after the discount. I couldn't bear the thought of having no music to go to work with on Monday, so I decided to buy one there and then. sighz. haiz. time to eat grass next month. Or maybe this was what the GST Offset Package was meant for. argh.

After that, I had dinner with my cousin at Pasta Cafe. Sambal Marinara for me as usual, but the squid was kinda tough, or maybe my teeth got alot weaker these few days. We were almost locked in at Taka, when we made a last minute detour to Best Denki when it was almost closing, but fortunately manage to find some way out.

Sighz. I still do not feel well about the demise of such an important item in my life. so Good night all.


Blogger Edwin said...

u must have spanked that ipod photo device before...

1:25 pm GMT+8  

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