Sunday, May 20, 2007

千四百零四: Ipod Video

An introduction to the new member of my necessity family:

Ipod Video
Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

unfortunately, not Johnny Depp in my bag everyday.. (what a delicious thought that is though..) but this equally delicious and cool looking black Ipod.

Ipod Black

I finally managed to sync all my old stuff on it, but I had to greatly cut down the amount of photos I uploaded on it. The optimized version of the photos are much larger in size than my original photos (which totally doesn't make sense) and I had to select just about 4000 photos from the original 9000 photos I had on my old ipod. It came with a black satin casing too, and I didn't want to remove the plastic it came in so I just left the wrapping on and cut (poked) holes in the plastic where the adaptor cable and the earphones are supposed to go. Quite excited at the prospect of using it tomorrow :) so far I haven't seen anyone with a black ipod yet, to be honest.

I've just watched Grey's Anatomy, and it just occurred to me that they have been interns for like 3 seasons and when are they even going to become real surgeons and graduate from their internship??


Blogger Lin said...

cool! super pretty

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