Friday, May 25, 2007

千四百零八: Indochine

I'm wiped.

Yesterday, we went Indochine for dinner and it was pretty good. We went to the club street one, that's near Tanjong Pagar I think. We had alot of the paper rolls, some fried rice which were really really tasty. & had a beer and a wine. We had dinner from 8-11pm and then we adjourned downstairs to the bar for more drinks and some pool. We only ended at about 1.30am after deciding the winners will treat. haha.

Went home all tipsy and had a good sleep (I think) but I had to wake up at 6.15am this morning to on the heater and go into the shower and i was still not really walking in a straight line when I walked into the bathroom. But after the shower, I felt quite awake. But I am now quite groggy again but I am sure later I will fall asleep after lunch.

Tonight dinner/drinks with them again, Sunday evening oso I think.. :)


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