Sunday, May 27, 2007

千四百十: Before I forget...

=>Navy Open House 2007 <- Click for photos!
  • Went to Changi Naval base for open house with my cousin today
  • got sunburnt in the shape of tube, cos I wore tube
  • The cruise on RSS Fearless was very shiok

Derek ZC and me
Happy people on the ship

  • Now I know why they enjoy their work
=>Dinner with PM & colleagues
  • Went for bowling session at Superbowl marina
  • PM was very かっこいい as usual
  • Went dinner at Robertson Quay after that, Japanese style Taiwan Dining (abit weird)
  • tasted so-so
  • turned red (think lobster) further into the dinner. Still red now.
=>Drinks with PM & 2 Colleagues
  • Had 3 bottles of red wine with PM & colleagues
  • at the end of it was フラフラ
  • then PM patted me on head and said i was like a little kid (hahaha)
  • discussed alot about relationship btw people of a large age gap
  • Furukawa-san (ex PM that i only got to know today) sent us back in a cab and paid for everything. (thank you so much!!)
  • PMs treated us to the drinks (the bill came up to $183 for 4 people) and we paid $10 each
I love the PMs!!


Blogger Edwin said...

PM == personnel manager??

8:57 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

If you had read more carefully, you would know what PM stands for..
NOT personnel manager..
.. Sizzler's entry..

11:10 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Edwin said...

ah ok. Seems also like Party Managers to me...

12:13 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

well.. i wouldn't mind if they are. They are doing a good job! haha

8:16 am GMT+8  

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