Saturday, May 26, 2007

千四百零九: More Alcohol

Last night was booze and more booze.

After work, I rushed to the doctor for my arm, managed to be the first patient, but the treatment took a whole hour again and I was like late for my dinner with the PMs and the other people. When I finally reached UE Square, I didn't know the restaurant was at the Mohammed Sultan side and I walked around the shopping mall trying to find the restaurant & I called my colleagues but all nv checked fone. -.- in the end I had to call my team leader to ask him to tell me where the place was and to give me directions.

When I finally reached there, they had eaten a fair bit, and I felt embarrassed to order food for just me so I just got a drink and tried to cool down. They had chosen to sit outside cos they smoke, and it was such a warm evening. Drank alot, beer, cassis orange, lemon sour, some sake and I was quite tipsy then and sleepy from the previous night. Then they were still harbouring ideas of going to a bar for further drinking, the cute PM, but then C had invited me to his place for a drinking party with his friends so I decided to just head upstairs to the UE apartments and try to work off the tipsy feeling there.

The place was so chaotic when I reached there but also very fun. I didn't expect there to be so many people, and they were already quite drunk and it was very funny, the things they were doing to each other. After another hour of shots and downing of beers, we headed to dbl-O and i found out alot of things bout these people. But.. its been very long since I had the chance to, so I just joined them anyway. It was great fun the whole night, they kept buying drinks but I don't know why I could hold the liquor w/o puking. We only left the place at 3am, after the place closed.

It feels really good to just let go and not think about anything once in a while.

Tomorrow the PMs and us are going bowling I think. so weird. I had thought Sentosa was a better idea.


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