Tuesday, May 29, 2007

千四百十一: GSS

Yes it's finally Pay Day!!

But .. I already shopped yesterday. My cousin wanted to buy a blender so I went to take a look at blenders with him. & he was late.. so I ended up shopping. (#^-^#) There was a sale at URS and UOB cards get an additional 10% off so my shoes were discounted from $34 to $27. hoho. and then I wandered around John Little & discovered the lingerie sale at Triumph section and with my $50 robinsons' voucher, I managed to only pay $4.90 in cash for quite alot of underwear. hoho.

I was so hungry after my cousin finally got his blender I just wanted to go home. was a pity that I couldn't join him & CJ for some drinks. but then i was so tired I just ate dinner & uploaded the Navy Open House pics and then conked out.

& I didn't see my PM around for these 2 days so I asked him online if he was still sunburnt. His face was peeling a little apparently, and he hadn't had the chance to drink with anyone the past 2 days. but .. he has established that i'm a good drinker apparently hehe and will jio me drinking next time :D yah, I'm still sunburnt too, my shoulders are still a weird red and hurts to be touched. (T.T)

Oh, & my Seattle (Redmond) trip has finally been confirmed! 9th-15th June & then I'll go to San Francisco 16th to 20th to visit XQ & sightsee. I'm really excited! cos i've never been to the States before.. & seeing it being paid for makes me feel even happier~ :p gotta start researching on what to do there.. but mainly shopping i guess! (^-^)v


Blogger Edwin said...

I remember there was a video on some 'innovative' shopping bag by japanese Triumph... not too sure if some peeps might find it 'offensive'.

12:37 am GMT+8  

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