Monday, June 04, 2007

千四百十七: Evil Thoughts

I am wondering what would happen if someone in the office found out what happened. Will he be fired or will I be fired? Girls have so many laws they can use to their advantage should something turn against them. What if I choose to use them?

The unfairness of the whole situation really pisses me off. How one-sided it is. How of course I have to be the one being the understanding one. Come on. You don't like to hear about mine, you think I like to hear about yours? If you really want to do anything, there is a way, I don't believe in idiots who tell me excuses and say "nono, I couldn't send you a reply because of XXX reasons". If your friend sends you messages, do you act all secretive & tell your friend you can't reply? I don't buy such crap, which leads to me pretty much disbelieving the situation as he paints it.

But. I guess he will soon learn that I am not as kind as I seem.

On a happier note, the flights to Seattle & back have finally been confirmed. My boss was angry that there was no flights back until 24th, so I had to ask the admin assistant to check for an airline which had an earlier flight. (T.T) It turns out that there was one last seat on 10th June (Sunday) morning on United Airlines to Seattle via Narita, and also one last seat on 21st June (Thurs) back from San Francisco. Argh. I was soooo looking forward to the SQ ride that it's kind of disappointing. Did it really affect the team whether I was back early or not? They could handle things, just that they chose not to. I'll be back in time for the weekend, wasting 4 days of my trip effectively, else I could have gone Las Vegas with XQ. But maybe I can take the chance to restock in Tokyo? hmmmm.


Blogger Edwin said...

I guess its that 'implicit understanding problem' from the japanese culture, meaning he\she doesnt reply you doesnt mean he\she din care. He\she probably assumes you would 'understand implicitly'. Last I remember reading was from the newspaper when LKY said something about this cultural issue...

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