Saturday, June 02, 2007

千四百十五: Happy 61 day! (albeit one day late..)

yesterday was a pretty good day.

The fact that we only had to work until noon then go for some morale game session organised by the office was pretty much a motivation to get through the morning asap. In the afternoon, I bumped into one of the PM and turns out that today was their last day here. & this whole week they had some training for Project Management so I didn't see much of them. so one last chat before we left for the morale event, then we had to go to Settler's cafe in Holland V to play the cashflow game.

The game was quite ok, but too many rules, it was ok after awhile but we progressed too slowly. The game was facilitated by some guys from a financial co, and our group had a guy who was so pushy with his opinions. teaching us the game was one thing, foisting your opinion on us was another. He didn't let some of the quieter players speak for themselves and Dale (our boss) got quite irritated when he tried to speak to the other members of the game and that financial guy kept interrupting. Irritating! In the end our boss won at our table (nono, we didn't let him!!) but he was really good, and he made the game very fun.

The game ended at about 6pm, so rushed to Marina SQ to meet the 61ders, tried waraku for the first time and it's quite ok. but a bit expensive. but I shared quite abit of food with Weilun and oso burnt abit of hole in my pocket. :s we had desserts at Changing Appetites & i forgot how funny Guan is until he made us laugh until we could barely breathe. But I dunno why I was very very tired, and I actually fell asleep in Weilun's car on the way back.

today watched Pirates in the afternoon with my cousin, cj and C, I think I was still feeling sleepy so I couldn't really focus on the show. but overall , it was quite good, and I laughed alot. the ending when Orlando Bloom was XXXXXX and they could only meet once every 10 years. (T.T) I almost cried at that part, was tearing a little. sighz. I totally can relate to their parting feelings.


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