Tuesday, June 05, 2007

千四百十八: Sun with Moon

At least I think that's what the Japanese restaurant is called. I don't know what the name means though. We went there for our team dinner tonight. It was so-so, very interesting dishes & quite authentic but due to the sorta unhappy talk I had this afternoon with my boss, things were quite tense. I hate conflict, especially when I haven't been feeling such good vibes lately with her, but I guess it was partly my own fault for thinking I could take this into my own hands. By right, the holiday is the holiday, it shouldn't be used to be the flying time what. But anyway, forget it, what's done is done, she has approved it, despite unwillingly, and I should just be thankful for that. & partly I had so much on my mind that I could only think about the same thing during dinner and wonder how things are on that side.

So I will manage to stop over in Tokyo after all and by luck, Ryo will be in Tokyo the same weekend as well so we CAN meet up. yay! But still mentally exhausted today after all the stress of how to face my boss when I realised she was damn unhappy even though I had changed the flight date from 24th to 21st already but effectively only saving 1 working day. But I did try! it was really last minute and there were really no flights left!! nvm, shall stop harping on this and try to make up with better work in the coming weeks. Tomorrow & thursday is some training conducted by a guy from Redmond, hopefully lessons will be fun?

Some random thoughts:
  • Today's bus 171 took me home pretty fast.
  • I can't remember what his face looks like in my head.
  • I am feeling more and more immoral by the day and the feeling is really depressing.
Ok, I must pull myself together and get some things done this week
  • Watch Shrek 3
  • Get the DS stuff for Ryo (?)
  • Pack my luggage
  • Have supper with CJ b4 I leave
that's all i think? nodding off. so. good night.


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