Saturday, June 09, 2007

千四百二十一: Zodiac

I watched this movie with C today. I realise that majority of the people I know have names beginning with the letter C. or with the 2nd most number having names beginning with J. The movie was good, very intriguing, keeping me literally on my toes the whole time. with the puzzles and the clues and the suspense of not knowing when the next murder will happen, I was at all times ready to gasp. hehe. but the ending was pretty disappointing. The movie was quite long, so they might have been rushing for an ending there cos there were many question marks towards the end. But worth watching just for the whole process.

Work just threatened to overwhelm me today. Something that really almost cost me my neck happened this morning. But I hope it has blown over, else I guess maybe I can get ready for a new job. I only realised I had like >5 projects on hand when I had the 1-1 meeting with my boss this afternoon and she herself seemed surprised when we spoke and listed out the projects 1 by 1. I think she didn't expect that I had so many things on hand. And everything seemed to just crash down on me today, dunno why everyone seemed to be finding fault with the work I am involved in & my boss just throw me in the water to struggle and find a way out. argh. exhausted.

on the way home, I was so tired @ 11 pm ++ i actually just dozed all the way back, something I hadn't done in a while. I think I should start my Japanese classes tomorrow. zzz. nitez


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