Tuesday, June 12, 2007

千四百二十三: Ocean's 13

Thanks to CJ who jio-ed me out of the blue late this evening to watch this. I been searching for someone wanting to watch this to no avail the whole weekend and CJ was a godsend today :) Enjoyed the chats and the secrets sharing very much, I dunno why today seemed alot more fun than usual. :D would have gone for prata supper should it be a weekend though.

Today was pretty much an UP compared to last week (the only way any day could have gone would be up compared to last week). The morning started out swamped, with my boss chasing me for stuff I was apparently supposed to have done last friday evening with an hour to spare till work ended (DUH? you think I still got mood to slog for you after all that happened last week?) and I had to rush out stuff for her after having a very stressed lunch with my insides all panicky. I hate that feeling. I mean, it wasn't any deadline for anyone, just something she die die want to see which is something she really got no idea about. sianz.

after lunch, things got better, work cleared bit by bit and I actually can't remember when I was so productive b4. I guess stress really forces some performance but its definitely bad for the skin. and the hair. and the brain. ack. ok, i am a wuss, but I am really more of a own time own target person even though I can perform when I need to. Dora ordered some dinner for everyone cos she was oso staying late, and we had quite a good dinner of zichar and after that I had to rush to finish up and then meet CJ who picked me up at work. (^-^)

I kinda dread work now, I want to find a day to take MC and just dump my work on someone else instead. argh.


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