Sunday, June 17, 2007

千四百二十八: Spider Lilies

I watched Spider Lilies with CJ today. The show with Rainie Chang and some other thin and tall girl pretending to be japanese, the one about lesbian love. I was a little embarrassed during the lesbian scenes, but the scene was quite a turn on, even though it was too short. I was expecting more of such scenes, but the show didnt show much. sianz.

we had dinner at Sakae, my first time there in YEARS, it was ok, thansk to CJ for the treat. i think. then we went shopping and I got 2 very sexy black dresses! hoho. Chaos is still the best place for sexy clothes for me. fits like a charm and very very nice and sexy shapes and cutting.

then we went Kino and I had a good time browsing at this month's Associe magazine (japanese magazine) about rules in the workplace for girls. very befitting of the current situation.

then the movie then we went st James, but not before depositing the car at his place first. since he lives so near me aniway. just left the bags in his car, then we took a cab down. then we just sat in Bellini's and chit chat and he bought me drinks (thanks again~~~) and alot of secrets started spilling out.

but it was quite good, to release whatever i been trying to hide, and when you drink, your unhappiness about stuff gets amplified. you know you can't stop thinking about your unhappy situations and then you just feel self pity for quite alot of the nite. but CJ was pretty kind about the whole thing.

Ok we gotta start planning the bangkok/phuket/krabi trip. we as in me and ryo. he decided that he wants to go bangkok/phuket after all, instead of me coming japan. sighz. but alright someplace new for me, so we gotta start checking is it cheaper for him to go direct from Japan or stop in Singapore first and we go together. mafan!!


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