Wednesday, June 20, 2007

千四百三十二: 地図

I downloaded this program on my PC yesterday from the company server and it proved to be very useful! Microsoft Streets & Trips. I think it's mainly used for people to plan road trips, but the world map was a handy tool, allowing you to state your destinations as routes.

So my Thailand holiday will look like this:

travel map (Thailand)
Singapore - Bangkok - Krabi - Singapore

so exciting!! I saw my colleague's snorkelling pics yesterday and it made me wan to get an underwater case to take pics of fishes in the water too! unfortunately, its so expensive! and i don't know if I will use it often. for Ixus 40, there's only this All Weather case (AW-DC30) , that you can't even use if you go diving, cos it only goes down to 3 feet or something. argh.

Oh. i think I know who the 21 year old is. I caught the person looking at me as he ran past, looking kind of embarrassed. (#^-^#)

ok for my next bead project i wanna do this:
rainbow bracelet


transparent heart

which one looks better?


Blogger Edwin said...

rainbow bracket looks funky

10:02 pm GMT+8  

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