Sunday, June 24, 2007

千四百三十六: Fantastic 4

I'm so glad I caught this on impulse after dinner with WH today.

met WH at marina sq for dinner, had a quick dinner at thai express (simply thai's tom yam noodles are way better!! but no more simply thai anywhere le.. *sobz*) then we walked around window shopping for a while. but we sorta ran out of shops to walk around and then we finally reached suntec and WH agreed to watch fantastic 4 with me even though he watched it already. (#^-^#) thanks!!

the silver surfer seemed cooler when he didn't speak, but at least the show ends well. It's so refreshing to finally watch a show that isn't 2 hours long (its only 1.5 hrs) and not feel that exhausted after that. we were supposed to eat cheesecake but we forgot about it and by the time the movie ended it was tooo late.

work again tomorrow. (yuck) and i have to start taking bus to work (double yuck). This month was bliss with waking up late and having my parents drive me to work cos of the sch holidays, but with the holidays ending, it means i gotta ride that overcrowded 1 hr bus again. ARGH.


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