Saturday, June 23, 2007

千四百三十五: Rainbow Bracelet!

check this out, I completed the bracelet this afternoon.

Rainbow bracelet
rainbow bracelet

not too shabby right?

I was supposed to have Japanese class today but my dad bought lunch home late and after that I had stomachache so it was too late to go by the time I was ready to leave :( In the end I didn't go.

persuaded my mom to buy Meiji Amino Collagen today, as I have seen this collagen drink to be a beauty essential drink in Japan for maintaining youthful skin. well, its really expensive there, the readymade drinks, cost about 400 yen per small 150ml bottle. so I thought I would try it for a while and see if at least the effects of uneven skin tone would be removed. The last time I saw Fancl brand of the collagen in guardian Pharmacy, but I couldn't see it today. so maybe i'll try it next time.

ok.. time to zzz after another tiring nightmare of murders and escapes last night. good nite!


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