Sunday, July 01, 2007

千四百四十二: サングラス

I finally got a pair of sunglasses :)

I don't know why I procrastinated until yesterday, I woke up and realised it was the last day b4 GST would go up and I should probably buy the expensive items yesterday. But I couldn't get anyone to go with me to choose sunglasses, in the end I sorta gave up hope during Japanese class and just went to get some beads in People's Park Centre. A kind soul from my class gave me a ride on his bike there, saving me the trouble of trying to find my way.

I got a lot of colours, think I gotta start learning abit more difficult stuff. Am trying to finish up the rainbow bracelet (again) for my mom cos she said the original one was too big. so I had to redo the whole thing. argh.

then met my parents for dinner in the evening, after that picked up my sister from her tuition session then we went IMM for some grocery shopping. the optical shop was still open surprisingly, and my sis wanted to make a pair of specs b4 she goes on exchange to london, so I took the chance to ask the staff to let me try on the sunglasses as well. Let me tell u this: Sunglasses are not cheap. ...

The best looking pair was oakleys, but.. it was even more expensive than my ipod. so.. of cos out of budget. and there were no discounts for that somemore. after that tried a few pairs here and there, in the end it was down to choosing a Levi's pair (very very cute purple big round frames) and a Calvin Klein pair. the cK pair had a 30% off, which made it slightly cheaper than the Levi's pair after discount. I couldn't pick, in the end my sister said, "oh, which pair can u push up your forehead like a hairband?? " that did it. haha. I realised the levi's pair is like a normal pair of specs so i can't really do the hairband thing, so I took the cK pair. happy!!!! I finally have a pair of sunglasses. all ready for the beach liao. wahahaha!



Blogger Edwin said...

wear it, take a pic, put it up, let us see how hip it looks on u

10:08 pm GMT+8  

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