Tuesday, July 03, 2007

千四百四十四: AQR


Testing has started again. The season of OT has began again. :(

but luckily this season is alot less projects and I am in charge as URC (UAT Regional Coordinator) for Japan so I know what I am doing. (Hopefully)

But at least I still can leave early today. I tried to catch 177 but i didn't know the last bus was at 1820!!! stupid !!!! In the end, I just went to the bank since I wasn't in a hurry to catch the bus anymore. Argh, I have to curb spending on the CC. Last month I think it was the IPod that killed me. This month it's the air tickets. hmmmmm. ok i must really tighten my belt this month le.

Finally it's wednesday tomorrow, 1 more day nearer to Saturday :)


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