Friday, July 06, 2007

千四百四十七: Fire!!!!


A major fire has just been extinguished in the opposite block.


I was already dozing off at about 12.15am when I heard sounds of people screaming and glass breaking. I thought it was a lovers' quarrel but the noise didnt stop and we ran into the living room to see a unit in the opposite block ablaze. ablaze meaning you can see flames up to the ceiling almost licking the unit above.

The firemen got here about 10 min later, but the fire had spread to the unit above. The fire didn't get smaller, and while the firemen were inside, there were about 7 mini explosions, loud enough to feel and hear them from our block. there were people running downstairs screaming Fire Fire!! and it was very scary, ALOT worse than just seeing in movies. after about 50 min, the fire was finally extinguished I think, but the firemen are still hacking around and checking even now. What if those people were really sound asleep in the unit above?? the thought itself is enough to force me to stay up the whole nite.


Blogger Edwin said...

hmm... just another dose of computational fluid dynamics, oh I mean, fire and explosion particle systems...

10:09 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

dun understand.

3:17 am GMT+8  

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