Thursday, July 12, 2007

千四百五十二: Din Tai Fung & Miss Clarity

Had dinner with my boss & Shinji at Din Tai Fung before she had to leave for her night flight at the airport, then after that met up with APAC people for some desserts at Miss Clarity Cafe. The Japanese people love to eat Din Tai Fung when they are here because there are only a few branches of Din Tai Fung in Japan and they are always having super long queues. (they are abit suaku, i heard there were long queues for the new branches of burger king there oso..)

I haven't been to Miss Clarity Cafe before, but it was only so-so, as in, it seems cosy, but I don't see it as that worth it since it is nearly equivalent to NYDC prices.

some of the APAC people

Quite ok day at work today, time went by really fast because we had sort of a kickoff meeting for FY 08 in the morning, then bento lunch at about 1pm. I don't really know what they expect of us still, it just made me feel alot more resentful that we are just contract staff and not FTE. Yup, that video she showed us was inspirational IF we were really one of them, but we are not, so where does that put us? Will we even have a chance to see that in person?

Leave schedule for October & maybe my birthday has been approved as well. :) pretty happy about that.


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