Monday, July 16, 2007

千四百五十五: 経済

Yesterday I met my financial advisor after 3 years of trying to avoid him and I realised my financial health is very poor. Ok I didn't need him to tell me that since I didnt have any investments but I should have invested more of the pay I got from the capcom stint rather than spent so much of it.

But, going to start with the CPF part, since I'm pretty sure I'm not going to buy an aptment in SG, can probably afford to use that to invest first. Need to get better insurance coverage for retirement also, but actually the amount is still not alot. but better than before. with this purchase, I gotta probably cut down on shopping and other things like unnecessary meals and taxi fares per month. & my savings!! actually this should be taking the place of my savings just that its money I can't use as and when I want.

Today is 海の日, a public holiday for Japan. Going to watch Harry Potter with Akane in the afternoon, hopefully it is as gd as the trailer makes it seem. (a lot of mixed reviews so far..)


Blogger Edwin said...

must try to hit 6k per month for civilian pay by age 30...

5:31 pm GMT+8  

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