Monday, July 30, 2007

千四百六十九: MMS

Finally for the first time in the whole year after I returned from Japan, I apparently overshot my sms allowance for the month. (usually I don't send more than 360 msgs a month, being online most of the time, I just msn/send emails...)

Did anyone know that a Global MMS costs $1.00!?

I had no idea it was so expensive to send a photo of the beautiful evening sky to someone overseas. & they keep trying to promote this service?! while it costs like $0.30 + data charges to send a small little MMS to someone in sg! My God!! It's really daylight robbery. At least Starhub counts it as your free sms if you have any free sms left when you send MMSes. Quite irritated when i saw what they charged me. & this month's bill sorta goes to show the younger people do send alot of msgs. most of people my age prefer to just call, since its alot faster to talk alot in a min than to try to sms what we need to say in 10 x 160 characters. & my free minutes oso exploded last month (T.T) no thanks to a certain someone, resulting in a phone bill of nearly $70 this month. :(

Today the investigative officer came to ask me more questions. which was good, although I wished that he had asked me everything a few months ago so that we could have moved ahead & the guy would be in jail by now. but. no problem, hopefully in the next months there may be something to put the guy to justice.

Today was a crazed day. Due to some system error, one stupid email kept regenerating itself every 5 min since last monday, leading to a pile up of over 800 emails over the weekend in the system. it really isnt' a frontend problem and the system people over in Redmond aren't very helpful. (actually I think its the slackers in India who keep on misunderstanding my email) and my PC gave me problems the whole day. I had to use remote access to another PC to use some webbased applications. so irritating!! dunno why my neck ached like mad, maybe its the stress. tummy was feeling very weird the whole day too. I hope things get abit less hectic tomorrow..


Blogger Edwin said...

Should be free if u send via MSN and ur friend upload the pic to his own phone himself.

8:42 am GMT+8  

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