Sunday, July 29, 2007

千四百六十七: Alone

the movie although with typical horror movie elements, turned out to be quite creepy. (even guys were spooked although the one sitting beside me kept spoiling the movie by making irritating comments!! grrrr)

but at least I got the simpsons popcorn holder!! :D the design is very funny la.. when i have a chance I'll put up fotos of it.

Gap was having a sale! so happy, finally some reasonably priced clothing from them at 50% off and 30% off. some $75 bag was half off so that was more reasonably priced and I finally got my denim bag that I've been looking all over for so long. (although I still think that's overpriced.) then some t-shirts that do not reveal my tummy nor emphasize it but instead quite flatter my figure and make my body look longer. :D one in bright blue and one in maroonish pink, not my usual colours but since I looked ok, stepping out of my comfort zone abit. so that's all the shopping in sg i will be doing until my next payday (I MUST NOT SUCCUMB TO USING MY Card!!). Yes payday came on friday, and this is all I am allowing myself this month.

I went to the dentist this morning and my teeth are now sooooo sore it hurts to just have teeth in my mouth. Yes, even when my mouth is not moving, just shut and stationary the teeth hurt. they hurt. that's all I can think about. I realise why we lose weight, its not that we lose our appetites, its just that the pain in the teeth is all we can feel such that we dun feel the hunger pangs any more (or they are overshadowed such that they pale in comparison.. ) .. The teeth are throbbing, my gums are throbbing. owwwwww...


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Money is to be spent for achieving happiness.

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