Friday, July 27, 2007

千四百六十六: Rain

it's been raining everyday of the week.

Today I had to conduct a training session to over 20 people regarding a major change in the function of some tool. It was such a relief when it was over as I had been worrying myself sick over it. It didn't turn out too badly, but the mapping part was really stupid cos it's really just an excel file that you need to go through yourself. I was floundering around then but I think overall it turned out ok (from what my colleagues said). One girl seemed so awed I did the powerpoint myself. I was like ... cos it was quite a simple powerpoint with just a few screenshots. Maybe PPT 2007 had very nice templates thats why it looked professional. hehe. & she said i sounded very confident. which was very weird. haha. cos I could definitely hear my voice shaking. maybe it was cos I could answer all their questions. +++ for me. :D but seriously very relieved that it's over. I hate to do public speaking.

Tip: Always schedule dreaded meetings in the middle of the day. so that u have time to prepare urself before that and after that you have some time to feel lighthearted and enjoy work. :D

after that i was practically feeling so light that I could finally breathe and that I could even hum along to music. hahah. that was how relaxed I was with this weight off me. after that found out more that made me breathe easier too. so.. its really a TGIF with much work cleared up and the prospect of having to work during the weekend was cleared up too.



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