Tuesday, August 07, 2007

千四百七十五: The Simpsons

Bart on a Naked Dare

I finally caught the movie I been waiting for since last year with my sisters!! hmm ya i do watch abit too many movies esp this weekend. :D But we had 2 tix free from my insurance agent so we just paid for a 3rd one for my sis lor..

It was hilarious, but unfortunately I dunno what the start of the show was, cos my sis was late. ARGH!!! Its really like a extended episode of the usual Simpsons, but I didn't think it was too long, unfortunately it still felt not long enuff. :S Maybe one day I'll be able to buy the full set of Simpsons cartoon DVDs.. oh, and they showed alot of the good parts in the trailer!! resulting in me not being able to properly enjoying the spider-pig spider-pig scene. argh!!

After the movie it was still quite early, so we went to the Singtel shop and we thought my sis & dad could finally get their phones on the $500 Voucher. they did but we waited until 10.45pm b4 it was our turn to be served. -.- so late!! so in the end my sis got the 6388 (i think) and my dad got the k800i and we still had $$ in the voucher left over for a 1GB Memory card for my hp. hohoho! :) so happy about that, in the end we topped up about $16 only for the card. :D now i can take alot more photos and copy alot more ringtones on it! currently I only have like one SMAP song and a Katamari Damashii game song on it (but i pushed both into the phone memory to make way for the photos..) and about 50 photos on it with space for only 25 more. so happy i dun need to keep deleting photos liao!

Then we finally were able to get our dinner at 11plus, just fried hokkien mee at the nearby kopitiam. finally showered, waiting for hair to dry again. zz

this morning a guy brushed his arm against the back of my thigh in the train but I think it was an accident in the crowded train. I dun really know but the hairs on my neck were standing after that. That bastard molester turned me into a super paranoid person in crowded spaces.


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