Saturday, August 04, 2007

千四百七十三: Vacancy

Ok I was totally freaked out by the movie. it wasn't really the gore (since actually there weren't much deaths in the movie only like 4? and out of the 4 only 1 was the victim), but more of the expectation of the impending murder that got not only me but the rest of the cinema screaming. hehe.. the show was mostly girls watching somemore, so it was like high tension and screams galore. but it wasn't as bad as the reviews made it out to be. there were alot of times where we were like thinking oh no! don:t do that!! but aiyah, its a thriller wat, if they don't do silly things how will the murderers find a chance to murder them?

I wanted to repair my watch today but it turns out city chain gave me the wrong info and i have to go FS Benjamin building which is only open during office hours. -.- How they expect people to go repair their watches during office hours?!

Before the movie, I had a piece of Strawberry Cheesecake tart (why is it not just a cheesecake) & Mango T Twist at Spinelli's as I was hungry but I didn't want to have dinner alone. I was thinking if I wanted to eat at Sakae which was really empty still but felt that it just was weird if I went in to eat 3 plates of sushi and left. hehe. not really those place where u can sit and read a paper and loiter for an hour. WK finally came at about 6.45pm for the movie. After the movie, we chatted for over an hour and then after that I met up with my cousin for dinner at NYDC (him for just a drink) as he was in town too. It really is a most convenient place, right in the middle of Orchard (for me to walk from PS and his car was parked at Cairnhill so just nice) and opened till 1am on weekends.

I hope I will get my mind back next week. feeling abit lost but trying to get used to some other feelings. I gotta start sending Ryo the photos of the things i need him to buy for me. ;)


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