Saturday, August 11, 2007

千四百七十九: Reminders

Several things to remind myself to do in the coming week:
  1. Register for JLPT 1 exam by next week
  2. Buy a piece of luggage - currently eyeing Sahora (Samsonite) & Robinson's is having 20% off until Sunday. Check Planet Traveler & Isetan's pricing
  3. Change some S$ to Thai Baht - sms WK my acct no. so he can TT me $$ he wants to convert as well.
  4. Apply for movie tix for Akane and myself for the movie event by Aug 5th.
  5. Reach work by 8am on Monday and Tuesday.
  6. Pay Christine back $27.45 for Sushi Tei farewell lunch.
  7. erh .... anything else?
went to look at suitcases today. The design that I wanted D'Lite range from Samsonite is not sold in Sg. WTH!? It was shown in the samsonite sg website.. sianz half, the sales person showed me the Sahora range instead (similar price range) actually looks ok, but its red. There is black but the black design looks too plain, and its quite a tough choice between being flashy and just plain. -.-

Went to robinson's to take a look, they were having 20% off for the same style when the samsonite shop wasn't having any sale. I will go back to Robinson's to take a look since I have the $50 voucher from there anyway.

Ate at Sushi Tei for dinner.. the raw stuff tasted pretty good, but the rice was so hard!! thx to J for the dinner treat (i think?) and i had kimchi & the mayo miso hotate帆立 (scallop) was too salty but overall quite filling. I think maybe cos i ate most of the raw stuff so I am not really feeling very filled up right now.

There's a trailer truck stuck at the Hillview roundabout when I reached home; & I think it's going to be there the whole night. The angle of the truck is all wrong and it overturned after I reached home as I had foreseen. The police are there diverting traffic, but the trailer truck is just too long. I don't think they can move the thing w/o the aid of a crane?

Work was quiet today, except for the hyena in one of the other teams laughing & speaking so loudly as if she was in the market or her own home. seriously very inconsiderate. so what if you are someone senior? have some common courtesy! & mr B was eating in the cafe this morning. he was very definitely staring at me when he came back for some coffee. oh well. too bad he is married. we still haven spoken to each other yet in this whole 8 months. Better this way I guess. Don't want to get into any trouble at work.

& I think in the end, the Oct trip will be to Osaka. Cos he said Australia too exp. :S and the cheapest ticket I can find so far is Malaysian Air, for $928. have to discuss with him the dates and the time and the price again.. Another 13 days!


Blogger Fook Jong said...

Left out Kirin again :(

1:20 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

I wouldn't put you on my to do list.. But U're on my to meet list

3:06 pm GMT+8  

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