Thursday, August 09, 2007

千四百七十八: Buffet Lunch

Catered buffet spread for lunch today, & I took lunch with some of the other Japanese ladies. They are always very funny, discussing XXX topics or making XXX jokes in the middle of eating, always causing me to have to cover my mouth or spew out all the food I'm chewing.

Dinner was a very sumptuous steamboat spread at home, the last one b4 my sis heads to London for her student exchange. I never had her disappear from the house for so long before, I think I will cry at the airport. Well its different if I'm the one away from home but now that she is the one leaving, I dunno what it will be like without this dependable albeit sometimes very grumpy person in the house to prepare food for me when i'm lazy. :(

Searching for the cheapest air tickets for the best timings is really tough. I dunno whether budget is a higher priority than maximising the time spent together.

Finally Friday again tomorrow. :D


Blogger Edwin said...

what jokes were they?

10:26 pm GMT+8  

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