Wednesday, August 08, 2007

千四百七十七: National Day Eve

This is my first national day in Sg in 3 years I think?

Last year I was in Japan even though my training was over but I missed Ryo so much I went back in Aug to stay with him for a month. & last year on this day, I chanced upon a rose garden in the midst of the bustle and hustle in Osaka.

Apricot Nectar: created in 1965. Happy Birthday Singapore!!

Time really flies. The memories of the roses and their sharp & sweet scent is still very fresh in my mind. That month I discovered many sides of the city I never had time to explore before and I was pleasantly surprised by how much we miss everyday, by being cooped up in a building during the daytime and not being able to see such beautiful places even though they were so near to us. I remember the day being very very bright and sunny and I was wandering around after sitting in the library for the whole morning. Ryo was at work and I couldn't return to his place until he knocked off so I had to keep myself entertained until evening when I met him for dinner. Very happy memories.. i miss him so much!! (T.T)

Quite a slow day at work again, no holiday tomorrow for me of cos, but very much looking forward to flying off on 23rd Aug evening. I can't really remember what I did today.. I think it was a meeting first thing in the morning, then some data creation before lunch. Went to warehouse for a very cheap but delicious char kway teow lunch (hawker food is still the best!!) then went back to doing some MSE related work (or just touching the system here and there for no reason?), researched on funds & suitcases, & then it was time to go home. & I reached home to find the Citibank atm card in my mailbox. Its so pretty!! sky blue, very smooth looking with a visa logo.. they are really super efficient! their cheques also look very cool.. i must say they chose their designers well. :D do not laugh; this is very important in retaining female customers who likes carrying cool looking items in their bags.

oh and the office is having a movie screening of Ratatouille on sept 5th~~ very happy cos it's one of the movies i have been waiting for as well. so excited, i hope it's as funny as Nemo/incredibles!

Ratatouille - a traditional French stewed vegetable dish

Last but not least, this is the pic/ad of Kimura Takuya for Nikon hanging on my desk at work.

what beautiful hair...

I think his hair looks better shorter, but well.. who else can boast of such beautiful non-balding hair at his age (which is 35 this year OMG!!)? Enjoy!


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